Doodle Puppy Grooming Tips

June 8, 2015
Your Teddybear Goldendoodle or Schnoodle has the best coat around!  Here are some 
grooming tips to help keep their wonderful appearance.
Brushing your puppy is very important and bonding for you and your baby.  We 
recommend brushing your puppy every other day to avoid matting of the coat.  
Groomers can tend to want to shave a dog instead of de-matting them.  We don’t want 
to do that!  Shaving your puppy can also allow the hair to grow back curlier, if that is not 
a look you are interested in.  Tough mats can typically be loosened by rubbing a small 
amount of conditioner in the mat and gently brushing it through.  
Bathing can begin as soon as needed.  Puppies can be bathed weekly but how often is 
at the owners preferance.  Keep in mind the ears also need cleaned and to not cross 
contaminate from one ear to the other.  When drying your puppy with a hair dryer, select 
a cooler setting verses hot.  This will also desensitize your puppy for upcoming 
grooming appointments and keep their coat beautiful!
Grooming can begin as soon as 12 weeks.  Puppies will require a sanitary cut, or what 
we call a Face, Feet and Fanny.  We recommend saving the below photos to show your 
groomer on the look that you would like to achieve.  
Here at Smeraglia, our puppies go home smelling fresh with Nootie products.  The 
shampoo is conditioning and the spritz offer a fresh scent between baths or grooming 
appts.  Both can be purchased in our online boutique and at our home office.  
We also have created an educational video explaining how our dogs should be 
groomed!  They are avail in our online boutique or can be picked up today (local pick)