How to Adopt

The first thing that I suggest for all potential puppy owners is that you take the time to become educated about our beautiful Teddy Bear Schnoodles.

The Process Is Easy.

You need to read our Teddy Bear Schnoodles page to find out what makes our Smeraglia Schnoodles so special. I would also suggest that you watch our videos on VIMEO.  Once you decide that you definitely want one of our special little Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies, you need to look at our photo gallery to decide what size, sex, and color Teddy Bear Schnoodle are most appealing to you. You also need to decide what training goals you desire. We can help you decide how many weeks of Doodle Prep School you need. If you would like to adopt one of our puppies you will need to submit your application and deposit online. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by phone to discuss the available or upcoming puppies. Please keep in mind that our puppies are very popular so wait times can vary. We do occasionally have available puppies featured on our "Puppies" link at the top of this page that can be adopted immediately.

Puppy Application

All potential puppy owners need to register with our site and fill out our online puppy application. Click the "Start My Application" link at the top of this page. Once your application has been received and approved, we will contact you to begin the adoption process. Our lists fill up very quickly, therefore; we strongly encourage all applicants to apply at least 2-4 months before you desire to bring your puppy home.

How Do You Match Up These ADORABLE Puppies with their Forever Families?

It is our desire to speak with each family that would like to adopt from us so that we can know exactly what you want in a puppy. It's nice for us to know why you chose our Smeraglia Teddy Bear Schnoodles and we want to learn more about our puppies Forever Family. If you are already on the waiting list, you will have the first option to adopt one of the next available puppies that match your criteria. It's important for us to know if you need this puppy for Service or Therapy work. We need to know if you are allergic to dogs, what type coat you prefer. Would you prefer an extra small, small, medium or large puppy? We have Four sizes of Teddy Bear Schnoodles; extra small under 12 lbs, Small 12-18 pounds, Medium 30-45lbs and Large 50 lbs and over. Most of the puppies in each size group are similar in size but there may be one that is a bit smaller and if that suits your needs best, please let us know. If you prefer your puppy to be from a specific litter, we really need to know that right away as well. We will try to accommodate your requests if at all possible. All of these questions are asked in the puppy application to help with the puppy matching process.  

If you are concerned that you or someone in your family is going to be allergic to your new puppy, we have a solution! We can provide you a T-Shirt Allergy Test. This test was developed exclusively here at Smeraglia's. The test is designed to determine if you or one of your family members can tolerate your new puppy. Please note there is a $150 charge for this service, but it is well worth not having to send a puppy back after it has arrived home and the family has fallen in love with their new puppy. Just call the office to schedule this test.

Puppy Socialization 

 We spend lots of time loving on our puppies, they go home very well socialized. They have been played with by our children and handled from the day they were born. The first day a puppy is born at Smeraglia, we tag the puppy, it is weighed, and a schedule is developed. The very next day we begin " Early Neurological Stimulation".  This is very important for proper neurological development. It has also been proven to increase intelligence.  

We continue to weigh and perform daily stimulation until the puppies enroll in Prep School or travel home. We have found that our puppies do extremely well with handling and they are highly intelligent and very social little puppies when they go home. The most common comment that I hear from a visitor is “Wow, I can't believe how still they are when you hold them, but the minute their feet hit the ground they are running and playing.” When the puppies are born we take pictures at 2,4 and 7 weeks of age of them and we also shoot a high-resolution HD video at 7 weeks of age depending on maturity. We do temperament/personality testing for all puppies at 7 weeks old. All pictures are posted in a private puppy photo album that you will be enrolled in as a member. We allow our clients to give us their first and second choice puppy based on the pictures that we post. We allocate the puppies at 7 weeks old.

 Temperament Testing

All Of Our Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age so that we can most closely match you with the puppy that you desire and the puppy that you feel is the best match for your family. At 49 Days old, we temperament test each puppy and then we help you decide which puppy is the best for your family based on your needs. Most of the time our Schnoodles look very different but do have very similar personalities and there is rarely a problem with the matching process. In the event that you do not get the puppy that you want, you are welcome to roll over to another litter and go through the process again until you are 100% comfortable with your choice.

We have several highly certified dog trainers on staff that do the temperament testing for our puppies to make sure that we match each family with the puppy that best meets their needs. We spend a great deal of time with our babies and we get to know them in a very personal way. For this reason, we would like to assist you in choosing your new family member in any way that we can. We will happily convey our observations and answer any questions that you may have about the temperament test results. This information combined with your personal knowledge of your wants or needs in a new puppy will assure a great match for your family.

 What do I do until my puppy comes home?

  • Read the Blog daily

  • Read the Puppy Care Page

  • Read Recommended Puppy Books.

  • Enroll your puppy in our Exclusive Doodle School, early enrollment is encouraged to ensure we have space for your puppy.

  • Schedule you Doodle Pawtography Keep-Sake Photo Session ($249 price includes CD of 5 poses of your puppy)

  • Visit our Smag Dog Pet Boutique to get your puppies supplies before your puppy arrives home.

  • Watch the "Puppy Kit" Video if your puppy is shipping

  • Like our Smeraglia's Teddy Bear Goldendoodles & Schnoodles Facebook Page to meet new friends

When Is My Balance Due?

  • The balances for these puppies will be due at 4 weeks old

  • Puppies unconfirmed or unpaid for will be offered to next family on the list.

  • If this is a problem just let me know, I am willing to work with you if you let me know.

  • We suggest that you enroll your puppy in Doodle Prep School by 6 weeks of age.

Not the best time to get a puppy, No Worries!


     If this is not a good time for you to adopt a puppy you are welcome to submit or send in your application for adoption and deposit for an upcoming puppy, as long as you realize that it could take 4-6 months more to get your Schnoodle puppy.

If you are on a list for a puppy and you find that you cannot take the puppy at this time, you can roll your deposit over to the next litter that has an opening.

 I look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions I did not answer, Please feel free to email us at or call at (251) 960-1311.

Congratulations on your new puppy! Your life will be forever changed!!