Reputation is very important to me. As a Christian, I live my life by the principles of the Bible.We are a Christ-centered, client-focused, Doodle loving company.  We are committed to providing the highest quality care for our dogs and clients, in a manner that glorifies God, in an atmosphere that is professional, upbeat, unpredictable and shall we say unique in every way.

There is a text in Proverbs that reads, "A Good Name is better to be chosen than great riches".  I operate my business with this motto. We have worked for over 18 years with many families and have developed many wonderful relationships. Many of our puppies are placed from referrals from previous puppy owners. We have several seconds, third, fourth, and even fifth time repeat puppy owners. I have to warn you, our puppies are addictive and many people cannot have just one.As with anyone who deals with people, issues can arise that needs to be resolved. Our goal is to always handle a concern from a client with the highest of ethics and fairness.

Kristi called the other day to confirm my application for upcoming Arthur litter.  Thank you for the confirmation.

I did try to send this e-mail (or something close to it) and I don't think it went through....thus, I am trying one more time.
I wanted you to know that I had a chance to talk with Trisha the other day and came away from the phone thinking I had just gotten really lucky and finally got to speak with someone who cared.  She was compassionate, sympathetic and kind to our situation.
I then got another phone call from Kristi and I realized that it wasn't just one person I was lucky to talk to but your whole staff cared.  Kristi was wonderful!  She went above and beyond with your explanations, her knowledge and her trying to find us something immediate for our grieving dog.

I have spent the last two months calling or e-mailing every doodle site on the internet.  Your site and your staff stand out far and above all the rest.  I visited your kennels about 10 years ago, saw and fell in love with Murphy, would have traded my right arm for your daughter's dog with dyed pink hair,

and wished someday I would own one of your dogs.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  Thank you for staying true to what a breeder should be, and thank you for caring enough about your staff that they in return care enough about prospective customers.  You are all ONE OF A KIND
and I deeply appreciate your help.

If you have already received a similar letter from me it is because my .me.com isn't working right and I didn't want to take the chance that you would not receive a well-deserved THANK YOU.

Sue T.

 Sherri and staff,
Thank you again for the best gift of 2013, our pup Zoey.  She has brought so much joy to our family.  
Thank you again
Danielle M.

 Happy New Year Smeraglia!! I wanted to send a long overdue note regarding our Sadie (Ella Girl Pink). 
We welcomed Sadie into our family on November 2nd and she is an amazing puppy! She came out of her crate at the airport and knew she was with her family. She is now 4 months old and growing like a weed. She is sweet, sassy, silly, smart, strong and spoiled with love!! She has earned her Star Puppy Certificate and will be starting to work toward her Canine Good Citizen Certification soon. She loves her trainer, works hard to earn her treats, loves to play fetch, tug, dig in the dirt and gets really frisky in this cold weather. 
I wasn't sure I could ever love a dog after I lost my first dog. Infact, I felt kind of uneasy about "replacing" her so soon after she died but now I could not imagine our life without our Sadie Girl. She is pure joy!
You all were wonderful to work with and breed amazing dogs that bless a lot of families. Thank you!!
Jeremy & Amy

 Hi Sherri, Meredith, Beverly and friends at Smeraglia!


Just wanted to wish y’all a very Happy New Year and show you how beautiful our Dusty is!  She was Storm Girl Red Dot (Saxon) from the 4/24/13 litter of Storm/Turbo. She was with you longer because she had fractured her hind leg. We picked her up in mid-Sept.  Dusty is now almost 8 ½ months old, still, jet black with that silver goatee.  Some silver in the muzzle undercoating around the nose.  She barely tips the scales at 20 lbs, with a full body of fur!!  We refer to her as a “petit Medium” Doodle.  She’s about 18” tall and 18” long.  What a wonderful girl she is  -  loves everyone and so sweet! Our Vet says she is one of the most special dogs he has ever seen, and so healthy.  We love her so much! She’s in doggy classes, hopefully, to be that therapy dog, even though she is still an energetic puppy.  Dusty’s trainer is amazed at how smart she is; and how she likes to work for a crowd!!  HAHA

 I was wondering, do you have a means to share email addresses with other owners from Dusty’s litter?  None are on the FB site. I “met” Linny’s owner (Rachel G?) on the old Blog site, but cannot get to that information anymore. I would love to catch up to see how the rest of the litter are doing if there is any way to do so!! My email address can be shared.

 Thank you so much for the gift of these wonderful, loving Doodles!!

Rita J.


 Hi Smeraglia Team!

Our precious pup, Ruby (Agatha/Chile "Red"), turns 9 months next week, and we are absolutely head over heels in love with her!  She gets cuter every day and has the best personality. 

We are so thankful to Smeraglia, and always sing your praises to anyone who asks about Ruby's breeder (and we get asked all the time!). 

Here are some recent pics of Ruby.

Please send our best to Sherri, Charity and the rest of the the Smeraglia team.

Warm regards,

Kim and Matt

 I am the owner of Baxter, an almost 11-month-old goldendoodle puppy from Smeraglia's Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.  I highly recommend Smeraglia's and truly believe the quality of their puppies (or older, trained dogs) is unsurpassed.  Not only are the dogs from Smeraglia's adorable with the thickest coats imaginable, but also they are the most loving and intelligent animals!

        The people at Smeraglia's were a pleasure to work with.  I was very specific with them about what type of dog I was looking for, both in appearance as well as personality.  I wanted a certain color range with a loose-wavy coat, in the mini size, and a happy, confident, playful, high-energy, intelligent puppy who would also be loving.  My Baxter is all that and more!   The most reassuring thing about buying my puppy online from Smeraglia's is that if for some reason the puppies I had a deposit on didn't meet my criteria, I was allowed to apply my deposit to another puppy that might currently be available or to a future litter.  Smeraglia's wants you to be totally in love with your puppy and for their pups to go to a "forever home."

        Baxter is the perfect match for our family!  We have an older English Labrador Retriever who needed a playmate, and we also get together almost every day with a bunch of Standard Poodles.  We hike the dogs on the hills in our area and have frequent play dates, so high energy was a must!  My lab is gentle (but huge!) and the poodles can be a bit feisty, so I needed a  puppy who would not be easily overwhelmed by them.  Baxter has been able to hold his own, not be intimidated by them and loves our walks and play dates!

        I can't get over how intelligent and how easily trainable Baxter is!  He is by far the easiest puppy I've ever had or ever met!  He also came to us fully familiar with human touch, and right from the very beginning was as comfortable as can be with anyone touching him anywhere.  At Smeraglia's, they do Early Neurological Stimulation from the time the pups are a day old, which not only acclimates the pups to touch but is scientifically proven to increase intelligence.  Our vet and the trainer I work with are amazed by how great Baxter is, and our groomer was equally impressed with his behavior and how easy Baxter has been  to work with from the time he was a tiny baby!

        I thoroughly researched breeders of goldendoodles before deciding on Smeraglia.  I kept coming back to them because they comparatively offered great variety in color, coat type and in size, while the looks and quality of the pups seemed to be more consistent and reliable.

        Also, Smeraglia offers other services to a potential buyer that are very appealing.  You can have your puppy come straight home to you once they are able to leave their mothers, as I did, or you can allow your puppy to stay on with Smeraglia's trainers and either get a jump on their training before they come home or have a fully trained doodle come home to you.   Smeraglia trainers also do a temperament test of each puppy to help you decide which puppy best suits your needs.

        They also offer "Pawtography," which I did take advantage of.  If you so wish, you can have a professional photo session with your puppy right before they come home.  They take the most adorable photographs of your pup, with and/or without props.  My favorites are the puppies with stuffed teddy bears and old-fashioned trunks.  Smeraglia's was able to supply me with two large custom portraits of my puppy on canvas, which I will always treasure.

        In addition, I love how they post photos of the puppies at two, four and six weeks, and a video of the litters at six weeks so that you can see them grow and make a decision about which puppy is for you.  Smeraglia's takes so many photos and videos of the puppies and their facilities, as well as videos highlighting their services and staff, that you have ample opportunity to see the type of care that goes into each puppy, how clean the puppies and their environment are, and how caring the staff is.

        Smeraglia also offers a forum on their website, as well as a facebook page for Smeraglia puppy owners.  One of the puppy owners called these services our "free gift with purchase."  It's a great place to get information about all types of things related to our dogs, and to share photos and our experiences.  While researching Smeraglia, I saw on the forum that so many owners had two, and sometimes even three, Smeraglia doodles!  And everyone seemed SO in love with their pets.   When that happens, you know you have a quality breeder.  You don't get repeat business like that unless you have a quality product.

        I am so in love with my Baxter!  And everyone else seems equally in love with their Smeraglia doodles!  Smeraglia is very good at listening to what you are looking for, and being able to match you with just the right puppy.  I can't wait until I am in a position to get another goldendoodle from Smeraglia!

Patti L.


                                                              This is Cassie bear's story and her therapy work with Sherri who picked her out for us.  I also have pasted the story here too just in case you can't pull up the story. 

 On October 19th, 2006, a goldendoodle was born at Smeraglia's Teddy bear goldendoodles.  Her parents were Trinity a golden retriever and Wally a Standard poodle.

She was born in a litter of 4 – 2 girls and 2 boys.

We called about the girls and Sherri told us about the breed and how their temperament was.  I had asked about having another Therapy dog and to retire my golden Cherese who was 11 years old at the time. I had been volunteering for Happy Tails Pet Therapy in the Atlanta area. Sherri assured me the temperament of the goldendoodles would be great for the task.  Sherri also would pick which one would be perfect for the therapy work for the future based upon her testing the temperament of the litter of puppies. So that was it we were hooked we must get a goldendoodle from Sherri.

At the end of December 2006, my husband Steve and I flew down to pick up our new addition to our family.  That is when we met Sherri in person and she handed us Cassie bear.  We were shocked of how calm this puppy was and so loving and beautiful.  We took her home to Georgia and began to fall in love with our new goldendoodle Cassie bear.

At  12 weeks old , we started training in group and in private lessons.  She was amazing to train and gentle with everyone.  She never would jump on a stranger and was just exactly what Sherri had told us she would be like in the future amazing, she was just a puppy with task that would be fulfilled to help others.

At 9 months old, she was tested for a Happy Tails pet therapy organization that I had been with since 2000 with my golden Chinese.   I believe everyone was amazed about her on the day of her test that she became a part of Happy Tails Pet Therapy on July 21, 2007, at only 9 months of age.  What amazing accomplishment for such a young dog to be certified and ready to work.   If my memory is correct that very day I took her to the Hospital at Kennestone Wellstar in Marietta to work in the inpatient rehab.  This was a sad but amazing day.  That was the day I retired Cherese my golden and Cassie bear took her place.  Cherese’s  legs were old and failing her and we were sad for this transition but thankful for her help in making Cassie bear into the amazing therapy dog that she was going to become.  The very next month August 14t, 2007 Cherese passed away and it is Cherese’s memory and her love has been carried on through Cassie bear and still does to this very day.

Cassie bear is 5 years old now and will be 6 years old on October  19, 2012.

I am amazed all the things Cassie bear has done in her life like training for 2 ½ years with Novice, Rally and private lessons.  She starred in a Middle School Annie Jr. play as Sandy the dog.  She has done so many special events to share her life.  She loves helping others just like I do in my life. She helps me with hearing and knows when I limitations with sounds.  So she helps me as well in life.

Cassie bear is still a member and volunteer of Happy Tails Pet Therapy in the Atlanta Area and currently works her therapy magic at Kennestone  Wellstar Hospital in the inpatient rehab. This is where she works with therapist working on balance, standing, walking, memory and fine motor skills putting on bows on Cassie bear with the patients who have brain injury, stroke patients or other illnesses to be rehabilitated.  Also, She volunteers at  2 Elementary schools one in Marietta and one school in Cobb County for special needs a total of 5 classes from profound children, autism and kids with learning disabilities.  We work with speech, reading; fine motor skills and much more with the children depending on the classroom that we are helping with.  Cassie bear also has love for the elderly at the assisted living in Kennesaw, Ga.   Cassie bear does many special events and charms her way into so many lives. She is gentle giant at 72 pounds who believes she is a small dog at heart.

Now due to traveling back and forth from Florida she is a new certified member of a National Therapy Group with Therapy Dogs, Inc. so she can really spread her love through her travels.  Cassie bear has amazing life and will continue her journey as a Therapy dog as long it is God’s purpose in her life.

Now to our next adventure with Cassie bear is she is getting another sister goldendoodle from Sherri Smeraglia that she will test and pick the perfect new addition to our family. Our new goldendoodle puppy will help in the journey for another therapy dog to help in the quest of helping others for the future. 


Sending bear hugs to you all from Cassie bear

Tiffaney and Steve B.


 Hi, my name is Blake and I live in Southern California with two beautiful Smeraglia pups.  Darcy is a gorgeous wavy light blond F1 born on August 6, 2009.  She came to me October 2, 2009 and has been a joy every single day.  Stormy is a black (turning to silver) F1B, was born on November 26, 2010 and came to me after doodle prep school on May 13, 2011, she was house trained and spayed before she arrived.

My ex-husband went to the kennels to make sure it was not a puppy mill and assured me that is was dog heaven.  In my telephone contact and emails it was clear that I was dealing with professionals who love and care about every puppy they place in a forever home.  They did temperament testing and I a puppy that was exactly as described.  Their online forum is filled with other owners sharing information and pictures.  Their Facebook group is amazing and I have many new friends from this group.  We have truly bonded over the most wonderful pups on the planet.
I was worried about shipping a puppy by plane all the way across the country, but it was for no reason.  Both pups arrived looking good and feeling fine.  I have been a dog parent all my life and never have I had dogs that were so happy, well adjusted, joyful and full of love.  My Smeraglia doodles make me smile every single day.  I wouldn't think of getting a pup from anywhere else.
Feel free to contact me, if you would like more information.
Blake B.

 What can I say that you won't think is puffery? That Sherri and Meredith and the entire Smeraglia staff are simply the best? That their babies are just special gifts for all of us to love? That the entire process makes you feel like the stork will be arriving with your own bundle of joy? That you get to be part of this amazing group of Doodle lovers who quickly become friends? That your very own baby will be hand picked according to your own special needs and wants? That the staff is the most patient as you may change your mind several times until the very "right" one comes along? That you won't be able to imagine your life without your Doodle once they are in your arms? That you will continue to stalk their website to see about #2, #3, or #4? I can say all of that and more. Shayna is an F1B mini from Diana/Jonah July 2012. We worked with Meredith for almost one year waiting for the very right Doodle that I could bring to the office with me every day and where a calm demeanor was a must and she could function as a therapy dog with all of our employees. We wanted a white fluff ball that almost had a sheepdog look. I had so many wants that I was sure they might give up on me. They never did and we got our most amazing baby. She had 6 weeks of Prep School and she has been a true gift in our lives, not to mention the friends I have made along the way. You won't be sorry and can't go wrong with Smeraglia. They are a class act!
Genine B.