Allergy Test

Adopt with Confidence 

This is a scientifically proven procedure that we developed right here at Smeraglia. We breed low to non-shedding and allergy friendly Schnoodles, which means we deal with a lot of clients that are mild to severely allergic to dogs. One of the hardest situations that I have experienced, is a puppy being returned because their family finds out they are allergic to him/her and the family has no choice but to return their puppy. 


We developed this test in 2011 and to date, our test has proven to be 98% successful (which is very good), although we cannot guarantee the results. We have administered 200 test and we have only had (5) false tests. This is an excellent tool to help determine if you could tolerate one of our puppies to meeting them. We have a developed a very exclusive way to expose the T-Shirt to the specific puppies Dander & Saliva.  Once the procedure has been completed, we EXPEDITE our special delivery via UPS or USPS to the client with the allergy. Once the T-Shirt arrives and the client puts it on, the results will be clear within 30 minutes.

Cost : $150 includes

  • T-shirt
  • Procedure
  • Rushed / Over-night fees

Peace of mind: PRICELESS!