How To Choose the Best Dog Food: An Unbiased Opinion

December 7, 2021

A common question that we get from new dog owners is, "What food should I give my dog?" It's such an important question because the food you feed your dog dictates so many other areas of his life. For example, if your dog isn't getting the nutrition he needs, it can affect his behavior, temperament, and overall health. Unfortunately, we have found that many dog food companies have spent the majority of their budget on advertisement and marketing and very little on the quality of ingredients in their actual food. The problem with this is when new dog owners try and do their own research, they are bombarded with blogs and websites that have been paid for by these particular companies. Our goal in this blog is to give your our unbiased opinion on the best dog food companies on the market today. Also, keep in mind, we are not benefiting from any company by writing this blog, nor have we been asked to write this information by any company.


Quality Starts with the Right Ingredients.

There are a lot of companies out there that sell dog food. And while some might be more expensive than others, it's important to look at the ingredients and see if they're anything worth spending your money on.

Most people know by now that any kind of commercial pet food is not good for their dogs and will eventually lead to health problems. So how do you find something better? You need to read the label and make sure it has quality protein sources like lamb or chicken as well as healthy fats like canola oil, flaxseed meal, or fish oils (not salmon). It should also have vegetables such as potatoes, peas, carrots, tomatoes, etc., but no corn or wheat which causes allergies in many animals.


Good Branding Doesn't Mean Quality Food.

Dog food companies today are trying to convince you that their dog food is the best for your pup. You can't make your decision by listening to the ads, because most of them are they're paid for by the company who wants you to buy their product.

A few years ago, a large pet food company found itself in a class-action lawsuit because their food, which had some of the best packaging and marketing, was killing dogs. It just goes to show that you can't always trust the shiny package,

The best way to choose an appropriate and healthy diet for your pet is first looking at what the actual ingredients are, and then asking if those ingredients are quality ones or not. If it has high-quality ingredients, then it will be nutritious enough for your furry friend.


Choose a Company Who Has a Proven Track Record

A company that is consistent across the board is one of the best ways to ensure you are selecting good dog food. In order to find a company that has proven itself across all its products, it's important to look at reviews from customers who have purchased from them in the past. A company with a history of success will have mostly happy customers and a few bad reviews mixed in. If you notice an overwhelming amount of negative feedback or too many positive comments, this could be a sign that there may be something fishy going on behind closed doors. It's also worth noting how long the business has been around for as well because if they've been around for years then they must be doing something right!


Why We've Chosen Purina Pro Plan

For us, Purina Pro Plan is the best dog food because of the amount of scientific research Purina has put into its food. Their food is developed with the help of veterinarians and scientists to make sure that it meets all the needs of a dog. Not only does their food have all the nutrients a dog needs, but it is also made to taste good. This is important because if a dog doesn't like the food, it won't eat it and won't get the nutrients they need.

Also, Purina has also been around for a long time. They have been making dog food since the 1930s, so they know what they are doing. They have continued to evolve their food over the years to meet the needs of dogs. This is important because as dogs change, their nutritional needs change too. Purina is at the forefront of nutritional research which makes them the industry leader that other brands follow.


Choosing a dog food company can be tough, but it's important to do your research and find one that meets the needs of your pet. You should look for a company that has been around for years, provides quality ingredients in their products, and offers flavors that dogs actually like. Again, we have chosen Purina Pro Plan for the past 15 years and aren't planning on stopping anytime soon!