Our English Goldendoodles

December 17, 2013

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked about Our Goldendoodles is, "What is the difference between the American Goldendoodle and your English Goldendoodles?"

I'd like to take a few minutes and share my thoughts. The American Goldendoodle was created by Amy Lane and had been around for quite some time before I bred the first English Goldendoodle litter in 2003. The main difference is the Golden Retriever parent in the mix. Our English Goldendoodles are bred from Golden Retrievers that were imported from various European countries. The breed standard, look and temperament of these Goldens are quite a bit different than the American Goldens.

Here's what I have observed about the parent breeds:

The English Golden Retrievers are larger boned, have beautiful big blocky heads, broader chests, and have light blonde to ultra cream coats. They are less leggy and have lower energy levels.  When it comes to my Goldens, I prefer BIG & BLOCKY!


Visit Our Photo Album Feauturing some of our English Retrievers.


The American Golden Retriever was bred for sport, they have a higher energy level and a leaner build, and they are golden in color. 

Poodles: The Poodle is known to be very HIGH energy, they have a very lean build and a more pointed, snipey nose and a clownish personality. When adding a poodle parent to our breeding program, we tend to look for the blockier, bigger boned Poodles with the nicest heads that we can find on a Poodle.

 When we breed our more laid back English Golden Retrievers to the clownish higher energy Poodles, we get a more even tempered Goldendoodle, with the most incredible personalities and Teddy bear faces.

Please keep in mind that every breeder has their own distinctive look that they produce. We breed for the extreme Teddy Bear look. We believe that we have created a WINNING combination by breeding our beautiful English Golden Retrievers to our specialty line of Poodles. It is amazing how many people call to tell me that they saw a Goldendoodle and they knew it had to be a Smeraglia Goldendoodle because they said they know a Smeraglia Dog when they see one......and of course, we love hearing this because we work so hard at producing our specialty line of Teddy Bear English Goldendoodles!

This is Zeus, a gorgeous English Golden Retriever