Tatiana Red Dot - Giant Teddybear Schnoodle

  • ribbon Red Dot
  • size Large
F1B Schnoodle
medal Prep School (No Training)
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  • Litter Overall:

The Tatiana litter overall is confident and self-assured unless otherwise noted. They have little to no stress in new situations, around new people, or in circumstances that are typically considered stressful. They are curious and investigative with new sights and sounds including those that would typically be considered startling. These puppies have good memory, focus, and problem-solving abilities average for their age. They also have good motivations at fairly equal and balanced levels for interaction, food, and toys. These puppies are socially appropriate in their interactions with one another, with cats, and with other dogs. They are also socially appropriate in their interactions with people. They have no red flags and show no possessiveness. They are rarely vocal unless otherwise noted it is easily managed when they are vocal. They rarely use their mouth and have excellent bite inhibition. They are all comfortable and tolerant of handling and restraint. These puppies are fairly consistent, but there are some individual differences, notes are listed below.  

  • Individual Notes:

She has mid to moderate energy. She is confident, self-assured, and content to explore/play on her own. She is personable and affectionate. She is wiggly and excited for handling, but is gentle and respectful with her strength. She is playful, curious, social, and engaging. She is motivated by interaction, food, and toys pretty equally. This puppy is well balanced and she should do well in most any home.    

  • Health notes:

 Tatiana Red Dot has no health notes.