Smeraglia Teddy Bear Schnoodles are available in four sizes:
Smeraglia Extra Small Schnoodles usually mature to be under 12 pounds and stand about 9-11 inches tall at the withers (shoulder).  These puppies typically have parents who are toy poodles and small schnauzers. Please note: Due to the weight of this puppy, this size will not be allowed to leave our facilities until they have reached 12 weeks of age.
Smeraglia Small Schnoodles mature to weigh about 13-25 pounds and measure approximately 11-14 inches at the withers.  Parents of these litters are usually miniature or toy poodles and miniature schnauzers.
Smeraglia Medium Schnoodles usually have a weight range of 25-45 pounds and a withers height of about 14-19 inches at maturity.   Miniature poodles and giant Schnoodles produce these schnoodle puppies.
Smeraglia Large Schnoodles tend to have a weight range of 45 pounds and up, and measure approximately 18-24 inches at the withers when they mature. Parents of these puppies are giant Schnoodles and standard or royal poodles.