One Week Stay & Train Program

One Week Crate Training Program: Price $875.00 


Goal: Our Crate Training Program was developed for clients that would like for us to keep their puppy for one extra week, vaccinate him, crate train & teach them his/her name. There will be no other training included in this program. The goal is to have the puppy crate trained and able to spend time in the crate without all the fuss. This makes for a happier transition to your home and the family can avoid the first few loud and messy days of puppy training.


Our Complete Companion puppy program is a 16-week program, this One Week Stay would be 1/16th of that program & the 9-week old vaccination is included.


Focus this week is on the transition from life with mom and litter mates in the Puppy Room to life in the home with people verses dogs. We work diligently on getting the puppy on a schedule for eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, training, and pottying (we start with one that works for him). We do crate training for this week. We stay ahead of the puppy’s need for potty breaks, to prevent accidents in the crate or around the house while the puppy adjusts to his new schedule. By the end of this week, most puppies are on a schedule where they eat 2-3 times daily, they are holding potty in their crate for 4-6 hours at night and 2-4 hours during the day, and barking in the crate is minimal. 



Medical Protocol: Our puppies are all weaned and ready to go home or to enter our exclusive Doodle Prep School at eight or nine weeks of age. They are all up to date with the age appropriate vaccinations for an eight-week-old puppy.  The Vaccination Puppy Protocol is that all puppies are vaccinated at 6, 9, 12, & 16 weeks.  When your eight-week-old puppy comes home he/she will need his 9-week vaccination the following week. He is also ready to begin his crate training.  


Your puppy will receive the 9-week vaccination during their  One Week Stay.


This one week option is also available to our Doodle families that would like to send their dogs back for a week of continued education. Vacations are the perfect time for Doodles to sharpen their skills, work on problem areas or learn a new trick. They will need to have a current health certificate within 3 days of arrival. We can make arrangements to have your puppy picked up from Mobile (MOB) or Pensacola (PNS) airports for an additional service fee.


 Includes Whole Puppy Starter Kit:                 

  • Leash

  • Collar
    Tell Bell 

  • Cassie Bear Ball

  • Cow Hoof Chew Toy

  • Sample of Karbo

  • Hard Crate for Training / Travel 

  • Access to our Doodle Prep School exclusive training videos ($299 Value)

  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Deworming - (9 weeks Vaccination will be given)

  • Life Long Support

  • Go Home Video

  • Conference Call From Trainer


When you add all these items together, the first week of prep school is basically free.


Crate Training - "We always recommend crate training until 6 months old"

Have a crate on hand for the first few weeks and keep your puppy in it when you are not with him, but not for more than a few hours at a time. Make sure the crate is not too big. It should be large enough for the puppy to stand up, turn around, stretch out, but no larger. Dogs do not want to soil their bed and the use of a crate teaches them to control their urge to eliminate. Your puppy has already begun some of his crate training before he arrives. He has already learned along with his litter mates that his crate is for sleeping and not for going potty. Because of this pre-training, most pups are very easy to crate train, But, please be aware: a dog that is left in a crate all day long, gets let out in the evening after work for a few hours and then put back in the crate for the night can become a very unhappy, destructive dog.

If you work all day, it is recommended that you find someone who can let your dog out for a potty break and play time midday, if you intend on crating your dog while you are gone. If this is not possible, then only use the crate at night. If you must leave your dog all day long every day and you have nobody to let the dog out during the day, you should find a room that he can be contained in and put down food, water, and toys. A kitchen, bathroom, or utility room works great. You should set up the room so that a bed and food are at one end and pee pads or newspaper at the other. They need to find something to occupy their mind, so give your dog plenty of toys. Dogs are den animals and will usually come to like the crate, but even a den animal would go crazy if it was locked up all day long.