Two Week Stay & Train Program

TWO Week Introductory Program: Price $1,390.00  


The goal of the 2-week program is to transition your puppy to a new location and life away from their littermates, to become familiar with a family atmosphere, and to be imprinted and started on all aspects of training.    

This program is perfect for clients who would like an objective evaluation of their puppy. It's ideal for those who want a leg up on training but would like to do most of the training themselves.

This program is best suited for those who do not want or cannot handle, those first very messy and noisy days of crate training.


This program is not for anyone who wants a completely trained puppy. This is an introductory program only - which covers 1/8 or 12% of the full 16-week program.    

 What's Going On This Week?

 During this Two week program we will introduce the obedience commands (name, sit, down, leave it, come, touch) in a formal way.  We focus on the helper commands (sit, name, leave it) for the other aspects of training in the future.  The puppy is on leash (longer 10-30 foot) most of the time he is out of his crate so we are set up to be successful as training is starting.  By having the puppy on leash, we can control the source of rewards at this point.  Socialization continues by adding to the normal household, neighborhood, and day to day sights, sounds, smells, and textures, the puppy will experience while at home.  Crate training now should be progressed to being able to hold potty 6-8 hours overnight and barking very minimal.  We are still staying ahead of the puppy’s needs for potty breaks to limit accidents in the crate and in the home and rewarding heavily for making potty in the proper location. Manners are still being worked by setting up the puppy to be successful and rewarding right choices. 



  • Your puppy will receive around the clock 24/7 care for the length of time enrolled in our program. 

  • Your puppy will live in the home of a caring, insured trainer.

  • The initial adjustment away from the litter, which is more dog oriented, to a family home setting which is more people oriented. Most puppies come home ready to instantly bond.                            

  • Your puppy will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make house training much easier. You will receive a copy of this schedule.

  • Your Puppy will be crate trained. Meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet overnight and for a few hours during the day.

Potty Training Started: Puppies enrolled in the two-week program have just been introduced to the potty training process and are beginning to understand manners and what is expected of them. They will require a great deal of attention to continue the potty training in your home, as well as reinforcement of all the rules we have been working on with them. Your puppy will be introduced to the touch command and ringing the bell to go potty (this aspect of the training is not complete but is made much easier due to the familiarity with the basic training concepts).


Medical Protocol:

  • Your puppy will be vetted and receive age appropriate vaccinations & deworm ( 9-week vaccination will be given).

  • Your puppy will be introduced to the four feedback words of "good", "nope", "okay" and "leave it" to aid in communication.

  • Problems such as jumping up, mouthing (puppy nipping), chewing, etc. will be worked during this second week of training.

  • Your puppy will be familiar with taking and following treats and wearing a collar and leash. Many new puppy owners do realize how important this is in the training process, and that this does not come naturally to a puppy. It must be taught before the puppy can progress in his/her training.

  • Your puppy will be introduced to, and be comfortable with, the training obedience commands of knowing his name, "sit", "leave it", "stay" & "come".

  • They are introduced to walking on a lead.

  • They are transitioned from their litter to living with family.

  • Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing.

  • Your puppy will receive socialization throughout the day with children and other household pets.


One of the best things about sending a puppy to our Prep School Program: If at any time the puppy develops negative behaviors that we do not feel are suitable for your family, we will advise you immediately and look for a more suitable puppy for your family.